Our Company

We are focused on connecting innovation to purpose.

Corbus is committed to leveraging our expertise in immunology to fulfill our purpose of developing innovative new medicines that improve the lives of people living with inflammatory, fibrotic, and metabolic diseases, and cancer. Corbus’ pipeline encompasses two different approaches to immunology: small molecules that activate or inhibit the body’s endocannabinoid system and anti-integrin monoclonal antibodies that block the activation of TGFβ.

Corbus is based in Norwood, Massachusetts.


Corbus Values: What is at our C.O.R.E?

Celebrate individuality

Recognize the power of diversity and inclusion. Welcome the differences within in us all; that’s what makes us shine as a team.

Own your compassion

Share in the journey. Experience the reality of patients, care partners, advocates and health care providers. We are not spectators but passionate, present individuals who thrive on participation.

Relentlessly transform Corbus

Continuously push for what is possible. Adapt and evolve in every aspect of our work. In the pursuit of bettering the lives of individuals, agile, purposeful change is needed.

Embrace your inner pioneer

Challenge the status quo. Innovate in the face of adversity and inspire the world around you…early and often. In order to progress we must be ambitious and goal-driven in our pursuits.

Our Therapeutic Focus Areas